U13 Lux-Strasbourg March 26th
Our U13 played their last games in the French league for this season during the weekend. We Started against Epinal on Saturday, It was a tight and good game, we continued the good team work from previous games and had control of the game almost from the beginning, we created a lot of chances and should probably had scored some more goals but Epinals goalies played good but unfortunately we could not handle Epinals fast transitions from defense to offense so the game ended with a 4 – 5 loss. On Sunday we continued against Strasbourg, Strasbourg took control of the game from the beginning but we kept on working and worked our way back in to the game, after 2 periods it was 1 – 3 for Strasbourg but in the beginning of the third period we scored 2 fast goals to make it 3-3, after that we had the momentum but a few minutes later we got 3 penalty’s in a very short time so we played 3 on 5 for over 2 minutes, we played a very good penalty kill and solved all three penalty´s but just a few seconds after our last guy was back on the ice Strasbourg scored 3 – 4, after that the air went out a bit but we kept on fighting and the end result was 4 – 7. Coach Mathias
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Date of publication : 28/03/2017