Moien Alleguer,

Wann dir äert aalt Material verkafen wëllt, dann schéckt mir e mail mat ärer Email Adress am Text w.e.g. an dann setzen ech et op des Säit.

Dear all,
If you want to sell your kid's old gear,
please send an e-mail including your email address and we'll add it to this page.   

Bonjour à tous,
Si vous voulez vendre votre vieux matériel,
envoyez moi un mail avec votre adresse email dans le texte s.v.p. et je le mettrai sur cette page.

You can also visit the Facebook group (run by Huskies parents):

Full gear for 6-year-old for sale

A former huskies parent is seeking to sell some used equipment that should fit a 6-year-old. The price is €150 for the full set.
The gear includes two sets of skates and two helmets.
The laced Bauer skates are size Youth 11, Regular width.
There are ski-boot style skates in an adjustable size from youth 10 to 13.
There's a set of Bauer and CCM helmets in size 48-53 cm/6-6 5/8.
If you're interested, call +352 691 321 189 for more information.