U17 January 21-22

Saturday 21st     Lux-Strasbourg   2 - 4

After a strong effort from Huskies U17 team, we had a narrow loss agains Strassbourg 4-2.
We started the game great with 2 solid goals, but got confortable and our opponents punished us with 2 quick goals. After first period game was even 2-2.
Second period result was 0 - 0 with even changes to both teams.
Huskies was the stronger team in the third period, but very unluckly with the finish. In total we held the pressure, but as often happens Strassbourg was able to score from far fewer real goal chances.  Last Strassbourg goal was in empty net as we hunted the goal with 6 players against 5.
Team Manager Markku

Sunday 22nd   Lux- Amneville/Metz/Troyes  5 - 2
The Huskies U17 team faced Amneville-Troyes on Sunday for the 3rd time this season.  After being outplayed in the first two matches, our U17's game together as a team to defeat Amneville-Troyes 5-2.

Every Huskies player demonstrated a passion to win and competed aggressively each shift of the game.  Rob had a great game in goal and was supported by a solid defensive effort from Hilmir, Jacques, Aleks and Jan.   

Our win on Sunday was also a result of improved positional play of our forwards, stronger forecheck and increased shots on goal.  Our U'17's demonstrated improved discipline and respect by keeping penalties to a minimum which allowed us to keep the momentum of the game in our favor.

Congratulations on a great effort and well deserved result!
Coach Andy

U17 Belfort-Lux February 4th

After an unfortunate start we were 0 - 3 down after 7 minutes. Lauren started our recovery and we managed to win the first period 4-3. 
In the second period we took penalties and were twice playing 3 against 5. The second period ended 6 - 4 for us, but we had to start the third 3 players against 5 and without Jacques, who got a game penalty. 
During the pause the players promised to stay out of penallty box and in the game they kept their promise. We got our game rolling and made some quite impressive goals. 
The game ended 13 - 6 for us. 
Vlad  4 goals 1 assist
Romain 2 + 2
Niklas 2 + 3
Arthur 2 + 3
Mikael 2 + 1
Lauren 1 + 2
Tony 0 + 1
Reuben 0 + 1

Team Manager 

U17 Strasbourg-Lux 25/03

  This game demonstrated the Huskies spirit to never give-up, strive to keep positive attitudes and support each other as a team.

·         Our first challenge was to have 10 skaters to make a team, thanks to Killean for helping the U17’s we were able to have a team.

·         The U’17’s faced a very strong team with many players from Strasbourg’s elite team.

·         Jesper was great as usual and lead our U17’s on Saturday by making more stops than we could count.  Niklas got our only goal by showing patience and persistence in front of the net.

·         “I’m proud of how the U17’s continued to play with respect and positive attitudes in a very challenging game” Andy