New joiners registration form 2021-2022

This form is for new joiners to the Huskies club

Dear new joiners,
Please fill out the below form in the name of the player you are registering, using the "Fill out the form for" option, if you're logged in using your personal Clubee account. Doing so you will create a separate account for your child.
Please fill out the obligatory form below with reference to the PDF files attached below if necessary. Please answer using the check box options. Please do not attempt to register by downloading the files, filling/signing them and then emailing or posting. They will be rejected. 
When you click continue, you may need to scroll back up to see the top of the next page.
Please fill in any other information that is requested by the form.You will be asked to enter a variety of information as well as attach scans of documents. We have presented some rules you have to agree to with checkbox approval, to make it easier and faster to fill out the form.
If you have any questions, please send an email to
Huskies board