U13 In Besançon &Colmar March 11&12

U13 In Besançon &Colmar March 11&12

This weekend we went for a weekend trip with U-13. It started in Besancon on Saturday.

We played besancon the weekende before and we knew how the played. But it didn’t feel like we were ready to work 100% through out the hole game, because we knew we were the better team. So the game had its up and downs. But we tried to play our game as we practised. So the game was a game to learn from positiv and negativ situation which is a good thing. The game ended with a 5-10 win. And a shoutout to Enzo Schrijen #82 who play his first game and managed to score a goal.

1st period: 1-6

2nd period: 4-2

3rd period: 0-2

On Sunday Colmar was on the schedule, so it would be a different game. The team seemed to be conscious about that. It started good, we had a lead with 0-1 after the first period. Huskies continued to played as trained, move the puck and play as a team. With that came a price. So the game ended with a 2-8 win. It was fun o see how they tried to move the puck like they should. Sometimes it worked , Somtimes not. But it’s a step in the right direction.

1st period: 0-1

2nd period: 1-4

3rd period: 1-3

Overall a good weekend, and the kids seemed to have fun on-ice and also off-ice. I’m looking forward to see further developments.

Coach Grein "