PLAYERS BORN 2001, 2004, 2007 , 2012,  as well as 1969, 1974, 1989, 1999 ( if their present medico will expire during season 2019/2020) WILL NEED A NEW SPORT MEDICO  FOR SEPTEMBER 2019 REGISTRATION,.

2012 and under needs a General Medical Certificate.


Find the sport medical center list under registration. In September sport medicals centers are very busy. MAKE AN APPOITMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (from now) for Sept.2019 registration as without the Sport Medico or at least a date of appointement for Sport Medico, no registration will take place.

New Season 2019/2020 Announcement

Dear old and new members,

The season will start with outdoor off ice on September 1st and on ice on September 8th. We expect to have sufficient ice to have each team training on ice each day for the full week of September 8th. The regular season will start on September 14th. We will have similar training schedule as last year with exception of Thursday. Due to COSL taking extra ice hours on Thursday evening for speed skating, Huskies will have 1h of ice on most of Thursdays instead of 2h. We are trying to resolve this situation with Ministry of Sport and VDL. But meanwhile, we get these hours compensated on selected Mondays and Sundays. We also got preliminary allocation of indoor gyms for regular off ice training. Times are on Mondays and Tuesdays evenings and Saturdays first half of the day. The final confirmation will be released by VDL Services de Sports in early September. 


We plan to arrange season opening party on picnic grounds in Kockelscheuer on September 15th with possibility to sell or exchange 2nd hand ice hockey gear. More details on this, as well as regular schedules and registration procedure will follow end of August. 


We wish you a nice remaining of the summer, 

Huskies Board